photo of dinosaur toysDinosaurs are a common subject of interest but I couldn't find a ready made lapbook project that we were happy with. After having to build my own I thought I'd share it along with the other activities that Audrey did as part of her big dinosaur project.

We started off watching all four parts of "Lost Worlds Vanished Lives" and then "The Amber Time Machine" since they were both to hand, and then 'excavated' a T-Rex skull from a plaster kit picked up in Oxfam months ago.

digging out a t-rexAfter that of course it was full steam ahead up to the Natural History Museum for two turns around the Dinosaur Hall and some related shopping. Back home I ordered Walking with Dinosaurs and the DK sticker book and started planning the lapbook while Audrey set to work on her glow in the dark T-Rex excavation and torturing granny with endless games of Dinosaur Top Trumps.

glow in the dark t-rex The T-Rex skeleton took several days to dig out and was rather messy but once washed and put together really does glow very nicely.

The human-free parts of Walking with Dinosaurs have now been watched twice with a few favourite episodes getting an additional viewing.

Jemima the T-Rex (see top photo) now rules over her own little dinosaur empire and gets to go out shopping and to music lessons.


The left panel of the lapbook has a photo taken at the Natural History Museum at the top with a Time Line underneath. The right panel has 4 card flaps each with a picture on it and the quation "Am I a dinosaur?" with answers and explanations underneath. The NHM has an interactive display in their dinosaur hall which I got the idea from.

dinosaur labook

In the centre we made a 'book' of dinosaurs using a simple template and either stickers or in the case of the Leaellynasaura a photo printed out from the Walking With Dinosaurs web site. The writing doesn't show up well because Audrey did that page mostly in fluorescent yellow. Below that some skeletons outlined and coloured in, and because nobody knows what colour they were she got rather creative. Finally at the bottom the Dinosaur Shadows activity sheet from the Bristol University Dinobase Dinokids section.

dinosaur labook

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