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Tadpoles and HE as a state of mind

The frog life cycle is just one of those things that you know, you just have to do. Most people hearing about it can tell you about when they had tadpoles at school, it’s something that gets remembered even after 60 years or more.

So we asked a neighbor who has a garden much frequented by frogs if we could have some frogspawn and 4 weeks ago we got some. They’re now nice, fat, wiggly tadpoles. We’ve taken photos to record their progress and A has started her frog lap book and coloured in some drawings of frogs to glue to card lilly pads for a mobile. We’ve borrowed a couple of books from the library and along with a couple of our own have a pile next to the tank for when A has questions.

Thinking about this today I couldn’t help wondering how many HE families have a tank of tadpoles right now, and how many non-HE families have ever done it. It’s certainly not an original thought but Home Education isn’t just a thing you do, it’s a state of mind and a way of life. It’s seeing the educational possibilities in endless every day things (stopping to examine a tiny little bug on the path and trying to figure out what it is - no, not a millipede, see the way the body is segmented and there aren’t enough legs, maybe an earwig? we’ll look it up when we get home) and going out of your way to go places and do things because they’re educational.


Who are we and what are we about?

The simple answer is that we’re all educating our children at home in, or near to, South West Surrey. A lot of families in the group have chosen EHE from the outset and see it as a positive choice, a better kind of education than is offered by ‘the system’. It’s probably safe to say that anyone who home educates by choice doesn’t care too much about fitting in and doing what ‘everybody does’. We think outside the box and that’s how we approach education.

So, from this blog you can expect … variety.

Each blogger will get their own category so you can follow their posts rather than the whole group if you wish. Longer essays and reports will probably go over on the main site, but we’ll be sure to post links to them here so you don’t miss anything.

There. We have our beginning.