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OK, so it’s not all bad…!

I’ve finally found something I like about the school holidays!

There are loads of great kids events going on, and we’ve been taking full advantage of them.

Last week I took Sukie and a friend to a Creative Writing workshop led by the author Michelle Paver, at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. (Michelle’s latest books feature a wolf as one of the main characters, and she is a patron of the trust.) Sukie had a great time, learning about the mechanics of writing, picking up tips for getting published, asking lots of questions of one of her favourite authors, and having a go at writing a short story whilst sitting watching wolves for inspiration!

On Friday all three girls did some flint-knapping at a local museum. By the end of the session we all had rather cool replica flint scrapers to take home, and I was the only one to hurt myself, getting a little over-zealous with the whole process! Since then Sukie has been collecting flints when we are out and about, and doing a bit of knapping at home!

Today was a percussion workshop. Despite the doubts of various members of our party, a good time was had by all. They learnt some simple rhythms on djembe drums, did some very complicated body percussion, looked at lots of different musical instruments and learnt an African song. They were all very keen on giving their dad a demo of the body percussion, and Willow is planning to make her own drum. Inspiring stuff!

Art, craft and photography next week!

“back to school”

Back in the distant mists of time when I went to school I’m sure the shops weren’t advertising ‘back to school’ at the start of the summer holidays. I’m also sure that being constantly reminded that the holidays would not in fact last forever would have depressed me no end.