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Sugar Skulls

What’s not to love? They’re skulls and they’re made out of sugar. You draw on them with sugar and glue on sugar decorations with more sugar. For photos of the results of an hour of sticky fun take a look at the Dia de los Muertos at the Godalming Group page.

Too much aggravation

I seem to be spending a disproportionate amount of time recently fighting off attempts to invade my privacy, boss me around and steal my stuff. First there was and is the government plan to force single parents back to work as soon as their kids can be put into state controlled daycare. Then LA monitoring raised it’s ugly head again, this time in the form of the government consultation on Children Missing Suitable Education. Just don’t get me started! But if you HE and haven’t responded to it jump along to

Then, on a non-HE front we have ISPs thinking it’s OK to sell users’ internet traffic and breach the copyright of every single page they visit. The system is called Phorm and does a good job of explaining why it’s BAD. Unless BT do a quick about face we’ll be switching ISP to someone who is more ethical (not Virgin Media or Talk Talk as they’re both using it too).

Meanwhile, on the Surrey County Council front there is mixed news. We’ve had recent niceness from the EHE (aka EBPP) team and it’s looking good for all the collaboration and consultation that was being talked about back in June. However the truancy team apparently need more than 3 months during the summer (when truancy isn’t exactly a big problem) to fix their protocol document so it’s legal.

Ah well, at least the actually home educating is coming along painlessly.