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End of the ‘typical’ week

So, there you have it, a ‘typical’ week. Of course it’s only typical in that no two days were the same and a lot of it just happened. Sundays are usually a stay at home day, and the beach trip was only because the weather was gorgeous and the tides right, and, well you get the picture.

When I started recording this week I promised myself that I would resist the urge to push for any activities to tick school type boxes, and so looking back we have a whole week with no apparent maths and no more writing than the capitals needed to identify the C Position notes on the grand stave. There’s been reading TO, but no reading BY so we’d probably get a fail on literacy as well as maths. Of course we kicked butt on science, nobody could say we didn’t do science and it wasn’t all dinosaurs either! Music, tick. Modern language, tick. Even some Arts & Crafts and a dash of History.

So why, you might ask, do I seem so blithely unconcerned about maths and literacy, the sacred 3Rs? Why do I nag for piano practice every day but not a spot of writing or a few sums? A few months back Audrey had a passion for workbooks, actually asked to do them, a couple of times even before breakfast! She burned through the Year 1 Maths and English ones in a few weeks, I think we ended up about two thirds of the way through Enjoyable English and just started the Toady Times Tables (Yr2) before the enthusiasm dried up so I figure we’re well ahead of the game. This was the second workbook jag so I’m comfortable that it’ll happen again eventually. To be fair writing practice does happen without workbooks, but it has to have a purpose and we can go weeks at a time without it happening.

Talking to other parents this sort of thing seems to be entirely normal for a child getting a largely autonomous education. Apparently nothing for weeks and then a sudden burst of activity which leaves you wondering where it came from and how on Earth they learnt what magnetic materials are anyway because you’re sure you never discussed it.

And the music? Daily practice = mummy keeps paying for music lessons = Audrey gets the clarinet she wants when her teacher says she’s ready, but she is five and needs to be reminded of this deal on a more or less daily basis which means some nagging.

A ‘typical’ week - day 7


Breakfast, watched an episode of Scrapheap Challenge, piano practice, Sam came over to play, out for a birthday lunch for granddad. Drove to music lesson which turned out to have been cancelled so straight back home again. An afternoon spent played with dinosaurs and then going out into the garden to wash and sort her bucket of seashells. Dinner, ‘baby TV’ and general playing. Stories then bed.

A ‘typical’ week - day 6


Breakfast and off in the car to Seaford. Hunting for fossils, poking around rock pools and collecting seashells. Picnic next to the car park and then home in time for dinner. Piano practice, bath, Max & Ruby, stories and bed.

A ‘typical’ week - day 5


Breakfast, half an episode each of How Its Made and Monkey Business and then piano practice. Car trip to the local recycling centre, then the garden centre to pick up slug pellets and a few seeds. Home again for some gardening and then lunch. Walked to Fun & French class and then back. Dora, dinner, a little more ‘baby TV’ followed by The Making of Walking with Dinosaurs on DVD (thought we might manage a dino-free day for a while there!), stories then bed.

A ‘typical’ week - day 4


Breakfast then ‘Walking with Monsters’ on DVD (I think she’s trying to memorise it). Finished digging out the dinosaur and I glued the bits together. Gardening, Audrey planted a row of radishes, 2 pumpkins and a sunflower and helped me pot on some sweet peas and remove dead leaves and algae from the ponds. Lunch out in the garden. Piano practice. Audrey then spent some time ’sorting out’ her dinosaur collection. Back out in the garden to chat over the fence with the kids next door, then helped me wash a ground sheet (wet and messy). Dinner, ‘Time Team’, episode 6 of ‘The Planets’, bedtime stories (no dinosaurs) and bed.

A ‘typical’ week - day 3


Breakfast, an episode of “How it’s Made” and then into town for banks, shopping and a coffee and a chat. As soon as we got home Audrey started excavating a plastic dinosaur from a plaster block. We then moved the baby goldfish out into the fish pond. Had lunch then off to the Godalming group (made a felt dinosaur) followed by a further hour in a nearby playground. Home again, dinner, Pepper Pig, piano practice, bath, Max & Ruby, bedtime story (yet another Astrosaurs book) and bed.

A ‘typical’ week - day 2


Set off mid morning for London. Science Museum first, for a run around the Space hall and a spot of shopping, then over to the NHM … for more shopping (Audrey for once happy to part with birthday/xmas money since it meant two plush baby dinosaurs). Lunch then the talk we’d gone there for, “Evolution Revolution” with Prof Robert Winston. After that another NHM shop this time to get a real meteorite to add to the space display, the Creepy Crawlies room and inevitably, a visit to the Dinosaurs. Home for dinner, Max & Ruby, piano practice, story and bed with new plushies.

A ‘typical’ week - day 1

As an antidote to the depressing battle against the DCSF and its evil minions I’ve decided to address the often asked question “what’s a typical day like?” by recording what we do for the next week.

Finished reading “The Hatching Horror” then had pancakes for breakfast. A quick change into her old ballet clothes and Audrey sat with granny watching “Time Team” while I planted tomato seeds. Next she announced that she wanted me to dig out her “My Neighbour Totoro” DVD so while she watched that and flicked through the next Astrosaurs book I did some net surfing and started to write this blog entry. After the movie we made a Hama bead Totoro, had lunch and then did some gardening. Back inside for piano practice. Watched an episode of “The Planets”, played with space toys and then painted Saturn on her plastic solar system model. Dora and other ‘baby TV’ for her while I got dinner ready. Dinner. More TV, bath, bedtime story, “The Seas of Doom”, and finally bed.