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The magic age of 7

Having been fairly autonomous in our HE journey so far, it has at times been fairly nerve wracking, wondering whether we were really doing the right thing, when we saw all our sons school going peers producing their “handwriting” and reading words (slowly but surely) and our son just not showing any interest in “learning”.  However now we have hit that magic age of 7 - the age that Steiner thought that children were ready to learn, it has all paid off.  Within the last 6 months our son has suddenly picked everything up - seemingly without trying.

He is now reading all the time - including HUGE words that I cant believe that he knows, his writing is coming on a dream, he is choosing to draw pictures, and he is swimming amazingly (having turned round one day and stated he didnt need his float jacket anymore, jumped in the pool and was off like a fish)

 Hopefully this means that I will be a lot more relaxed as babe grows up!

 So to all those people that are having a nervous wobble (yep we all have them) then have faith, they do seem to suddenly pick it up and run with it.