Response to Lord Lucas

Here we have the government response to Lord Lucas today in the Lords.

Clearly the noble Lord, Lord Lucas, does not like the part of the Bill relating to home education.

Him and a few thousand home educators.

However, the Government are committed to supporting its
continuation as a choice for parents.

The choice being “our way or the high way”?

Registration and monitoring will give local authorities the tools that they need to tackle the small number of cases where the education provided is not good enough.

How tired am I of having to point out that they have powers already?

It will also ensure that in future there is a clearer picture on home-educated children.

Oh well that’s alright then.

Home-educating families are doing a fine job and are co-operating with reasonable requests from their local authority;

“Reasonable” requests, what are these “reasonable” requests then?

they will find little difference in their lives.

Should we laugh? The only way this can’t be a LIE is if Baroness Royall is almost unbelievably stupid.

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2 Responses to “Response to Lord Lucas”

  1. Yes, I can’t work out that last dilemma!

    I also wonder if she is just so stolidly resilient that we perhaps could stuff her in a pile of sandbags next to some rupturing river bank.

    I feel a letter coming on asking her how she would feel if someone (probably a complete or relative stranger) proposed to forcefully enter her home with the intention of making intimate subjective judgements about her children and her parenting which could COMPLETELY AND DRAMATICALLY DESTROY HER ENTIRE WAY OF LIFE?????

    Perhaps she really wouldn’t notice it at all!

  2. but the Baroness know that wont happen to her or any of her family she does not care about us! like al lthe other and lords who are they and what do they do for hard working people? because i have no idea! but i do know they cost a us the tax payer far to much money.

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