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Stand back it’s workbook time!

Don’t worry, they are autonomously used workbooks and these phases don’t typically last long, but after doing 5 pages of Messy Maths this afternoon Audrey is now laying in bed looking through all her unused workbooks deciding what order she’ll do them in. Not bad timing with the generally miserable weather (today excepted) and lots of things stopping for the holidays. Having blogged this she’ll no doubt wake up in the morning and change her mind.

Government response to petition ‘EHEreview’

The same lies and spin we’ve come to expect.

Government response to petition ‘EHEreview’

The Government has always been clear that parents should retain the right to educate their children at home.

You’ve always been careful to be seen to be SAYING this but I’m afraid actions do speak louder than words.

Most home educators do an excellent job but we can’t afford to let any child slip through the net – in terms of their education, or safety.

Really? So you’ll be rushing off to do something about the THOUSANDS of state school attending children slipping through your metaphorical net then? Well, off you go then, don’t let us hold you up. Maybe you when you’ve got your own house in order we’ll feel like explaining to you why a society built on “if it saves just one child” isn’t one we want to be part of.

The recommendations set out by Badman are proportionate and reasonable.

Wrong and wrong. We’ve been through this how many times? Just repeating the lie isn’t going to work you know.

Most developed countries require registration to home educate, with the majority also having a process of systematic monitoring.

And this would be based on Badman’s VERY selective look at home education across the world? Where he ignored the ENTIRE United States of America, Australia, Scotland, New Zealand, in fact anywhere that might have an effective system or shock horror a more ‘liberal’ one. BTW, when did ‘liberal’ become a dirty word?

It is only right we afford our own children and young people the same checks and balances.

The same ‘checks and balances’ as what, or where? What a load of dingo kidneys!

The report found significant flaws in the current arrangements for ensuring that home educated children are receiving their educational entitlement and recommended strengthening the system.

The ONLY flaw in the ’system’ is the Local Authorities who ignore the existing guidelines and just do whatever they like. Anyway, what is this ‘educational entitlement’?

It also presented a persuasive case for providing home educators with greater support, particular those whose children have special educational needs.

Look everybody, the carrot. Put up with all this totalitarian BS and we’ll give SEN children the support that we SHOULD have provided when they were in school and the lack of which made their parents decide to home educate them in the first place.

The Government’s response to the Badman Report was published on 9 October and can be found on the Every Child Matters website (

I’ve seen it. It’s RUBBISH!

It sets out our strong commitment to supporting home educators,

For ’supporting’ read ‘controlling’.

particularly those whose children have special educational needs and those who wish to have greater access to examination centres, courses at further education colleges, and a range of local services and activities.

Which they should have anyway without having their fundamental rights stolen.

Our proposals on a system of registration and monitoring of home education have been out for consultation and closed on 19 October.

For ‘registration’ read ‘licensing’.

We will take into account the responses to the consultation and any report arising from the Select Committee Inquiry into the review of home education when deciding how to proceed.

So, for example, you would NOT have the first reading of a bill including any of these recommendations BEFORE the Select Committee published its report? Oh hang on, YOU ALREADY DID! Lies we’ve come to expect, but making a promise AFTER you’ve broken it is moronic even by the pitifully low standards of this government.

Home education is a well-established and important part of our education system.

No, it’s NOT part of your system and for many home educators that is THE WHOLE POINT.

The Government is committed to support its continuation as a choice for parents.