We will NOT be your scapegoat!

Let’s get something straight. See this picture?

This is ‘The Scapegoat’ by William Holman Hunt. It is NOT a home educator.

Khyra Ishaq was NOT home educated.

The people finding themselves being blamed for this child’s tragic death are DESPERATE to shift the focus. They always are. Forget ‘lessons will be learnt’, they’re not interested in that. They’re interested in convincing the public that it was somebody else’s fault, that they don’t have the necessary powers and THEY are not to blame.

Well they can just sod right off because Khyra Ishaq was NOT home educated. Her mother stopped her going to school and so technically she was truanting. The systems and individuals who should have stepped in when her school raised concerns about her did not. They did not use the powers that they have. Saying that registering home educators would have made any difference is not just a LIE it is blatant SCAPEGOATING. It is an insult to a dead child and shows a shocking lack of concern for other children who may even now be suffering abuse because social services and the police aren’t doing their jobs.

You can judge the loyalties and agendas of every newspaper and other media outlet on how they spin the Khyra Ishaq story once the murder trial is over. If you see Home Education being blamed you know whose pocket they are in.

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