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Remember my little theory that LAs want a compulsory register of home educated children as a way to divert attention from their inability to find children who are REALLY missing from education?

Schools ‘failing over exclusions’

Well, maybe I was a little harsh and it was more like them going for the low hanging fruit to make the numbers look better? If they can get us to register then that’s what, maybe something like 100 children per LA who will move into the ‘known’ column? But is that really a much better excuse? When schools are getting away with illegally off-rolling problem pupils which LAs apparently don’t even know about?

What Ofsted are claiming here is that there is a real CME problem, one which LAs are going to have to do something about. How should they do this? Register and monitor children who are NOT missing education OR investigate schools and, oh I don’t know, prosecute where they are found to be acting illegally?


Well well well, the plot thickens. The NSPCC produced the Khyra Ishaq SCR FOR FREE. It goes some way to explain the low standard of the document but why do we think they were so desperate to get the job that they under-cut any competition by offering to do it for nothing?

More info and links on the Staffordshire blog.

Compulsory registration and CME

You know those optical illusion pictures which you see one thing and then after staring at it for while suddenly the whole image flips and you see a different one? I just had one of those moments with regard to the argument that home educated children should be registered ‘to help’ LAs with their duty to find Children Missing Education (CME).

Maybe the issue is really that the publicly acknowledged existence of thousands of home educated children not known to their LA draws unwanted attention to the fact that those LAs aren’t in fact trying to find CME, or at least not trying very hard.