FAO Surrey resident Home Educators

Surrey County Council are running a focus group for local home educators on Wednesday October 20th. If you are interested in attending or submitting written evidence (SCC residents only please) and are not known to them please contact me or join the surrey_home_ed Yahoo Group. If you are known to the LA you should receive an invitation from them, but still feel free to join the group for background documents, discussions, reports etc.

The focus group forms part of the consultation process for a new EHE policy for the council.

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6 Responses to “FAO Surrey resident Home Educators”

  1. in which your LA have will know the out come of the consultation complete waste of time!

  2. Well they DO know that the outcome will be a new EHE policy which will comply with current law and guidelines. They also know that they don’t have any extra money so it won’t include anything that requires extra money. So it’s fair to say that there’s not a massive scope for variation, but the consultation IS serious and I know that because I and another home educator are members of the Working Group which is doing it.

  3. im sure you mean well but your LA will just pretend to listen has the consulation result is allready decided! it will be rubber stamped by your councilors as well

  4. The ‘consultation’ is at this point NOT “here’s our new policy, what do you think?” because we haven’t started writing it yet. Probably in light of national experiences ‘consultation’ isn’t a very helpful word. The actual public consultation on the new policy won’t happen until next year. The idea is to talk to home educators BEFORE the policy is written and have home educators help write it so there will be a better chance of it being acceptable.

    If it all goes pear shaped you can be damned sure I will be saying so very publicly.

    As we’re going along I’m reporting on each meeting and sharing source documents with any Surrey home educator who wants to join the Yahoo Group.

  5. p.s. there HAVE been a couple of cases where LAs have talked to home educators in good faith and come up with workable EHE policies so it’s not totally impossible.

  6. i dont like the word consultation makes me think of Badman! i just dont think many LA really listen to me its just them making out we are listening to you!

    I wish you luck with it when you finshed with Surrey try Hampshire next!

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