Consultation on new Surrey County Council EHE Policy

Today home educators known to Surrey County Council will (Post Office permitting) have received a copy of the DRAFT EHE policy [pdf] with a cover letter [pdf] explaining that the consultation will run until 30th September. There is to be a ‘feedback meeting’ on Wednesday 29th June (or Thursday 30th for GRT parents) or you can send written comments via Angela Lee (see cover letter for details).

As usual, if you are ‘unknown’ and feel nervous about communicating directly you can send your comments to me to pass on anonymously.

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  2. The bit about safer lone worker training jumped out. Shades of Mr Kipper? Makes sense to reduce home visits to cut down on staff time when you look at geography, numbers, staff allocation etc.

  3. SEN special schools deregister for home ed, Pupil Registration Regs actually has consent of LA required before name of child can be removed from roll, not consent required for home ed per se. Just sayin…

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