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It’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted anything here. I guess it’s just a feature of home educating a teen, all those visits and projects and social events that filled the pre-teen years and lend themselves to blog posts just don’t happen any more. I follow the #HomeEd and #HomeEducation tags on Twitter and go a little bit misty eyed and sentimental, remembering when we used to do those sorts of things.

Well, time marches on. I’d told A that I would ONLY require she take 2 GCSEs, Maths and English Language, because so many jobs ask for them and they’re fairly fundamental. I know that’s not strictly autonomous, but other than that I said she didn’t need to do anything else unless it was required for whatever career she picked. To spread things out nicely she started the Maths course 2 years early so she could take the exams before even starting the English course. So far, so relaxed.

Then she announced she wants to be a doctor. No, seriously she really wants to be one and declares herself willing to do the work to achieve that. “Oh bother” thinks me and off to the internet to find out what qualifications she’ll need to get into university to study medicine. We now have a 5 year plan involving a bunch of I/GCSEs and A levels (attending the local 6th Form college for the last 2 years) and DoE awards and assorted other things that’ll look good on her application.

So far she’s started IGCSE Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Human Biology and is into the second year of Maths GCSE (exams next summer). Which brings me to right now, taking a break from planning Biology for this week, trawling through YouTube for helpful videos on Stem Cells and the rest of the internet for other resources while she’s in her room making a start on today’s Physics.

I’ve found a few gems already, like The Amoeba Sisters, A loves them and they made cell structures and DNA replication understandable and even a bit fun! Once I’ve got together the plan for the day I email it to A so she’s got the video links handy on her laptop and knows what she’s got to get done. It’s working well so far and I though, if I’m putting it in an email why not stick it in a blog post incase someone else might find it useful, and so that’s exactly what I’m going to do …

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