Biology - week 4

Stem cells and differentiation

Video - Stem Cells (SciShow)
Video - Specialized Cells: Significance and Examples (Amoeba Sisters)
Video - How Cells Become Specialized (More Amoeba Sisters)

ABPI web site section on Stem Cells

Biology Student Book pg 18 (Cell division & Differentiation) - 21

ABPI Stem Cell Poster (I requested a free physical copy a few weeks back but you can download it here)

iPlayer: The Human Body: Secrets of Your Life Revealed part 1 (there’s a free poster you can request from the OU. Standard procedure is that once they’ve run out of copies you’ll be able to download it here)

The BBC documentary touches on stem cells but it’s mostly on this week’s Biology list because it’s current and generally interesting with loads of cool CGI. Human Biology day has The Brain with David Eagleman for the next 5 weeks, unless I can convince A to binge watch it.

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