Bit of a rejig

Over the last couple of weeks it has became painfully obvious that the Schemes of Work on the Pearson web site were not properly updated for the new course specifications, critically the Student Books, and continuing with them was going to make things unnecessarily complicated. So I’ve reworked everything from the student books combining Biology and Human Biology into one subject. Not integrated totally, just doing chapters from one and then the other. Biology (B) 1 Life Processes, Human Biology (HB) 1 Cells, HB2 Movement of Substances into and out of Cells, HB3 Biological Molecules, B2 The Variety of Living Organisms etc. There’s going to be a fair bit of going over stuff but there’s no harm in that.

Chemistry and Physics aren’t so bad, at least they don’t seem to be, the schemes of work so far have run fairly close to the student books so using the books as the order going forward isn’t going to mean recovering ground.

There’s still going to be some confusion because the Pearson revision books we have are for the old spec and the Hodder Education (9-1) workbooks are in a totally different order so I’ll have to pick and choose individual questions as we go along. Oh and nobody does revision or workbooks for Human Biology at all. Ah well, we’ll muddle through.

On the resources front A has found a cool site (while using Google to help her create revision cards) called Quizlet which has online flash cards on almost any subject you can think of. We’ve both signed up and it looks like it’s going to be very useful.

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